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About us

About Ntronics

Who we are

Ntronics technology is a research and development company. we  Provide real Experience in field of Technology to the student who want to learn latest technology  and sport for implement  their idea in real and make their carrier in field of innovation research and development.

Our aim is to prepare student for next generation technology and provide them the best guide for future carrier in field of technology.

We work every day for find new technology and idea , develop in the world and try to transfer in easy way to our student.

Today, our life is mostly  dependent on  electronics device and  internet . now all the thing is going digital and make our life style easy. also mechanical things like Bick bush lift every thing is now dependent on electronics.  So obviously electronics device development is a best option for your carrier.

Today all the smart electronics device develop with the help of micro-controller and their programming which is basic requirement  and now all the appliances  coming with the Io T (internet of thing) controlled. So knowledge of programming  of a micro-controller which is called embedded system programming is mostly important  if you think about your carrier in field of electronics and making a project.

what we can do

So we organised various type of  workshop , in campus  training, and workshop,  summer training for technical student, module wise training  on particular technology, and provide assist for making their  project . we also provide component , module and equipment related to the development of electronics and electrical project on a cheapest price  for student compare to the open market and also provide help if you not able to use this.


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