01 MK001 Security system for banks
02 MK002 Reference digital thermometer
03 MK003 Automatic Light Controller
04 MK004 IR Remote Tester Circuit
05 MK005 Contactless Mains Voltage Indicator
06 MK006 Binary to Decimal Decoder
07 MK007 Anti Collision Rear Light
08 MK008 7 Stage Binary Counter Display With LED
09 MK009 Indicator for a Cycle
10 MK010 Wire Break Alarm With Delay
11 MK011 Multidoor bell
12 MK012 Fastest Finger First Indicator
13 MK013 Mobile Charging On Coin Insertion Project
14 MK014 Bicolor Led Driver
15 MK015 Positive voltage to negetive voltage converter
16 MK016 Indicator for a Cycle
09 MK009 Advnced door knock alert device
17 MK017 Numeric Water Level Indicator Circuit
18 MK018 Automatic Street Light Controller Circuit Using Relays and LDR
19 MK019 Water Level Indicator Alarm
20 MK020 Automatic Bathroom Lamp
21 MK021 DTMF Tester
22 MK022 Advanced touch based switch
23 MK023 Automatic door alarm
24 MK024 Battery level measurement circuit
25 MK025 DIY Casio
26 MK026 Light Controlled Sound Effects
27 MK027 Bipolar transistor tester
28 MK028 Alcohol Level Tester with LM3914
29 MK029 Mini Traffic light controller circuit
30 MK030 Electronic dice
31 MK031 Day alert system
32 MK032 Continuity Tester With Melody
33 MK033 Digital electronic lock
34 MK034 DIY Home made chritmas decoration
35 MK035 Model Railway Level Crossing Lights Project
36 MK036 LED pettern controller
37 MK037 Rain indicator circuit
38 MK038 Timer based counter
39 MK039 Laser security system
40 MK040 Clock Tick-Tock Sound Generator & LED Pendulum
41 MK041 LED Lamp Dimmer Circuit
42 MK042 Automatic Plant Irrigation System
43 MK043 Flashing beacon circuit
44 MK044 LED Roulette Circuit using 555 timer IC
45 MK045 Multiple sounds with 555
46 MK046 Security Alarm Circuit
47 MK047 Door status indicator
48 MK048 AC Power controller
49 MK049 Variable dc power supply with LM317
50 MK050 Digital soil moisture meter
51 MK051 Seismic Sensor Circuit
52 MK052 Sound Effect Generator – UM3561
53 MK053 Water tank overflow indicator circuit
54 MK054 Large Adjustable Timer
55 MK055 Over speed detector
56 MK056 Small Adjustable Timer
57 MK057 Christmas Lights Using LEDs
58 MK058 Micro Inverter
59 MK059 Circuit for light intensity measurement
60 MK060 Solid-State Relay Controlled Devices